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Why Choose Vital Statistics Consulting?

At Vital Statistics Consulting, we are committed to developing sustainable, long-term relationships with our clients. We welcome clients of varied backgrounds and experience levels, and provide consultation at all stages of project development.

We pride ourselves on our patient, non-judgmental, and compassionate approach, while bringing invaluable, skilled expertise to any project. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the clinical and research domains and to help facilitate the design and conduct of health research. Our ultimate goal is to help clinicians and public health practitioners strengthen their evidence-based practice, ultimately improving patient and population health.

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Vital Statistics Consulting

What They're Saying....

About Vital Statistics Consulting

Vital Statistics Consulting

Ms. Sandra Russo

“I just started working with Dr Gallo. I'm very impressed with the professional help and support.”
Vital Statistics Consulting

Randy E Gross

MS, RN, NP, CNS WHNP-BC, ACNS-BC, AOCNP, AOCNS Nurse Practitioner & Clinical Nurse Specialist Board Certified in Women's Health, Adult Health & Oncology
“My experience with Bill Gallo PhD couldn't have been more positive. In a rapid turnaround time, he took my data from 318 surveys, and from my two research questions simplified the statistics so I could understand them. In a succinct but detailed manner, he transformed my data into meaningful results. And it made sense!!! From there, he took the results and put them into draft form, so I could work from there to write Chapter 4 of my dissertation. This was so helpful, because as a nurse, the jump from statistical results into written format is a huge challenge. Furthermore, Bill was always available to answer questions regarding his work thus helping me in my learning regarding both verbal and written dissemination of research results. His contribution to my dissertation work was invaluable and worth every dollar and more!!”
Vital Statistics Consulting

Alice Mary Kelly-Tobin

“Dr Bill Gallo provided me with valuable advice and insightful guidance as I worked to complete my dissertation. I call him the ‘dissertation whisperer’ because he helped me make possible what I thought was impossible. I was struggling with my proposal and I was uncertain how to proceed when Dr Gallo reviewed my work and made suggestions. I followed his advice and pieces of my study started to come together. He worked with me from dissertation proposal through dissertation defense. I was able to complete the PhD program one year before most students in my cohort. I believe my dissertation research was made stronger and I was able to complete it more efficiently due to Dr Gallo’s counsel. Don’t allow roadblocks to prevent you from completing your dissertation. The ‘dissertation whisperer’ guided me to the successful completion of my dissertation journey and he can help you too. It is worth it to schedule a consultation with Dr Gallo to identify ways in which Vital Statistics Consulting can help you move forward with your dissertation research.”
Vital Statistics Consulting

Dr. Thomas Hagerty

“Yes, I am happy to recommend Dr. Gallo at Vital Statistics Consulting. He helped me fine-tune an IRB proposal and also gave me some excellent feedback regarding the statistical analysis I had proposed for my study. I am glad to have a resource such as Dr. Gallo at Vital Statistics Consulting - he is calm, non-judgmental, and easy to get an appt. with. It is reassuring to know that I can ask a question and I won't hear "you should know that" - he is happy to teach and explain, and genuinely concerned that my needs are met. I think there is a lot of value in a company like Vital Statistics Consulting, a resource that is not as common as a tech support company for your computer, but just as complex, and just as important when you need it.”